Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) is a unique publication which focuses on the many ways in which intellectual property and intangible assets can be used to create corporate value.  In-depth articles, case studies, interviews and surveys, as well as a widely read blog, provide a high-level corporate readership with cutting-edge insights into how intellectual property and other intangibles can be used to create strategic advantage, build shareholder returns, generate bottom-line revenue and gain greater leverage in the financial markets. IAM was launched in July 2003 and, with its unequalled appeal to the boardroom, has established itself as the only IP publication that is principally read on a regular basis by senior corporate executives. The magazine is topical, timely and continually thought provoking for its subscription-based readership. Editorial quality and integrity are paramount. The quality of the editorial is guaranteed by an in-house team, based in London and Hong Kong, with long-established journalistic track records in the specialist IP and business press, including on titles such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. In each issue a number of articles are also commissioned from leading figures in the IP business world. Overall support is provided by an editorial board which includes legendary IP monetisation pioneer Marshall Phelps, Philips IP & Standards CEO Ruud Peters and Scott Frank, president of AT&T Intellectual Property.

IAM also publishes a weekly email which has over 17,500 subscribers. It comprises a summary of the magazine’s popular blog and jurisdiction-based international reports from leading law firms. The website hosts a fully searchable archive of all articles and supplements published since 2003, plus an events section and the blog.

In 2008 IAM hosted the inaugural IP Business Congress (IPBC) in Amsterdam. This was followed by sell-out events in Chicago (2009), Munich (2010), San Francisco (2011), Lisbon (2012) and Boston (2013), the latter attracting a record 640+ attendees.  In 2012, IAM hosted its first regional event in Beijing, attracting over 450 attendees. This was followed by the second highly successful IPBC Asia in Singapore in November 2013.

The IPBC is widely acknowledged as the world’s pre-eminent IP business event and attracts high-level delegates from industry, finance and investment, the law, academia and government, as well as IP intermediaries and aggregators. The next IPBC Global events will be held in Amsterdam (June 2014) and San Francisco (June 2015). The next IPBC Asia will be held in Shanghai in December 2014.

IAM currently publishes two unique guides. The IAM Patent 1000 builds on the success of the IAM Patent Litigation 250, the IAM Licensing 250 and the IAM Life Sciences 250 and identifies the top patent practitioners in key jurisdictions around the globe. The IAM Strategy 300, now in its fourth year, provides a unique listing of the men and women who, through their strategic advice, are generating wealth for their clients from intellectual property.